Hifonics TR 202 A

Hifonics TR 202 A

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The new TRITON TR202A is a very compact active 8” (20 cm) subwoofer built-in a solid diecast aluminum housing, especially designed for in-car applications where space is limited but bass response needs improvement. The very heavy, with a special subwoofer and two lateral passive woofers equipped active box comes with a 100 RMS built-in amplifier with variable crossover, phase switch and subsonic filter. The included remote controller allows fine-tuning from the drivers seat for perfect matching to the full-range speaker components. High Level or low-level RCA sockets are provided for the input audio signal.

Active Subwoofer System
20 cm (8“) Woofer
2 lateral Passive Woofers
100 W/RMS, 200 W/MAX
Aluminum enclosure
LP Crossover 50-150 Hz
Bass Boost 0-18dB @ 45Hz
Phase Switch 0/180°
High or Low Level Inputs
Auto Turn-On
Subsonicfilter 20 Hz fixed
Bass-Remote included
245 x 75 x 345 mm

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Credit module TBI Pay 1.0.8

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