JBL GTO 1214BR 12” Bass-reflex Subwoofer 1200 watts

JBL GTO 1214BR 12” Bass-reflex Subwoofer 1200 watts

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DESIGN MEETS BASS PRESSURE: HOUSING QUALITY OF SUBWOOFER JBL GTO 1214br, 300mm subwoofer in a bass reflex enclosureJBL gives a big bang and presents the subwoofer enclosure for the popular Grand Touring (GTO) series. The JBL Slipstream bass reflex ports dominate with their large mouth openings, the front view and are equipped with shapes individually calculated for each body shape. They effectively prevent annoying wind noise and create a perfect function of the port even at high levels. At the same time, the housing can be surprisingly compact despite its big output. Inside it has a powerful 12 inch chassis with a solid cast aluminium basket. Thanks to generous ventilation and strong double magnets the GTO1214BR is extremely durable. The GTO1214BR is especially great for fast moving bass lines, highly resilient and thanks to its compact dimensions, perfect for the trunk. JBL uses for its cabinet subwoofer only the original JBL chassis. This creates perfect sound quality and high sound pressure as you know it from a live concert. The JBL GTO 1214 BR uses the chassis GTO 1202D, which is also available separately. But a high-quality chassis alone does not make a good subwoofer enclosure. The high-quality housing in rigid MDF with a front end in a trendy black high gloss finish ensures the lowest resonances and creates precise bass reproduction even at extremely high sound pressure levels. But one component in the interaction is still missing. Often the bass reflex port is neglected, which can disrupt the entire system. Not so with JBL. In GTO1214 BR’s Slipstream port technology comes from the professional range. The double bevelled shape of the generously sized tunnel is calculated accurately and efficiently eliminates vibration noise. Even at high sound pressure level of the air flow, the sound remains uniform and provides a deeper bass response and protection against mechanical overload of the membrane. Highlights: – Elegant Designto 1,200 watts maximum Load-bearing capacity- Long voice coil for exceptional large, maximum cone excursion and high power handling- Enlarged magnetic pole plates for improved symmetry of the magnetic field and the greatest possible elimination of interference- Vented pole plates for high power handling and lowest possible mechanical noise- Special chassis basket with reduced mounting depth – New large-sized butyl rubber surround for superior control and long stroke – Progressive spider for perfect control of the diaphragm deflection, even in extreme situations

Membrane diameter: 300 mm
Impedance 4 ohm
Capacity 300 watts (RMS), 1200 watts (max)
Efficiency 94 dB (@ 2.83V, 1m)
Frequency range 35-300 Hz
Dimensions: 626 x 321 x 420 mm


JBL GTO 1214BR 12” Bass-reflex Subwoofer 1200 watts

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