Ways of Payment

*PICK UP: You can order the products you are interested in from our online store and pick them up from our place by paying in cash, debit or credit card. If you have chosen a credit card as payment method, in order to receive your order, you must provide your ID card.
*CREDIT / DEBT CARD: Visa, Visa Elertron, Mastercard or Maestro and American Express credit, debit and prepaid cards are accepted at audiocontrol.gr.If you choose to pay with credit card, you can fullfill the paymet through interest-free installments (1, 2, 3 installments).
*DEPOSIT IN A BANK ACCOUNT: You can Deposit in one of the following bank accounts:
IBAN : GR8170100000000701341346408
Wallet ID : 701341346408
Alpha Bank
IBAN :GR7901401590159002002016431
Piraeus Bank
IBAN : GR5101720100005010068819206
After you submit your order, deposit the total amount of the order through web banking or mobile apps at the bank of your choice, and contact us by email or phone.
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